The biggest threat to your brand is not your competition. It’s not sub-par product. It’s not even poor judgement or time management skills. The biggest threat to your brand is fear.

It is better to fail ten thousand times than to be frozen in place by fear. If you try and fail, you learn. You grow. You improve. It doesn’t matter if people see you fall. You’ll only stand taller when you rise.

If you let anxiety dictate your decision to start a project or make an adjustment to your brand, you’re only stifling your progress.

We learn lessons throughout life by way of experience, not by overthinking and analyzing potential outcomes. The only guarantee we get from opting not to do something is the plague of what-ifs. And while we can look back on bad judgement and wonder about the outcome if we had made other decisions, to do so is to say that it’s better to play it safe, to live in mediocrity. Which, we all know, is not the mark of the creative, fulfilled life we hunger for as artists.

It takes effort to silence the demons that haunt you. It’s easier to think that an audience will sooner reject a new idea than to accept it.

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