Creative industries and modern technology often allow for workspace freedom. We can get things done almost anywhere, provided there’s a good internet connection. While the ability to work remotely can be convenient, there are challenges that come with it. Here’s a few things we can do to maximize productivity while working remotely.

Plan your day.
A solid game plan will help you prioritize tasks and keep you on schedule. You’ll be able to measure your progress against your plan throughout the day, which will let you know if you’re on schedule or if you’ve been slacking. A plan is a reminder that we need to hold ourselves accountable. If we’re working remotely, we’re the only ones responsible for the work that gets done. If we miss a deadline, there’s no one to blame but ourselves. We’re less likely to become distracted and more likely to stay on task when we’re working under time constraints, too.

Planning for task completion and working under self-imposed deadlines are valuable skills in the long run. anyway, because practice becomes habit.

Stay visible.
Sometimes, when people hear the works “working remotely,” they assume it means to sit at home in front of the tv while wearing pajamas and chipping away on a laptop. Such a work environment may seem appealing, but it’s rarely the case for anyone who’s successful at working remotely. Unless you’re really, really disciplined, such an environment will hinder your ability to work effectively.

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