My partner and I were inspired to start our business after working traditional jobs that left us feeling bored and listless. We agreed that working for ourselves would better position us for success, as we’d be more motivated to work harder and improve our skill sets for the sake of the company.

We knew that starting a business would be tricky. We knew it’d be time consuming and costly. We knew we didn’t know exactly what we were doing, but we believed the results of our efforts would pay off.

We purchased the assets we needed to get the company going. We set up our LLC. We hired a contractor to turn our shell into a functional establishment. And then, just as quickly as the excitement came, it went away. Reality set in, and all of a sudden we were left with a business license and a lot of money on the line without really knowing what was next. A couple of months went by without either of us really doing anything, and only recently have we gotten back on track.

Isn’t this the case with a lot of things in life— giving up on goals (indefinitely or otherwise) when we don’t see immediate results of our efforts? Isn’t it easy to get impatient when what is coming our way isn’t coming fast enough?

We’re so conditioned to expect immediate results that when things take longer than we want or expect, we get frustrated and give up. In our fast-paced society, we have time to wait for two-day Amazon shipping or 24 hours for an email response, but anything more tests our patience. Usually, though, what takes time is usually worth the wait, which is why it’s so important to adjust our mindset.

We have to learn to focus on the process instead of the anticipated results. It’s the only way we can ensure we’re doing our best work on a day to day basis.

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