It’s been some time since I updated this site.

I used to use this as a portfolio to showcase content I wrote for various digital publications. While my primary interest was— and still is— self-help, rooted in my own drive for ongoing personal growth, I dabbled in other subjects depending on client assignments. I was so excited to have freelance contracts that allowed me to write for a living (and from the comfort of my own home!)… until I wasn’t. The truth was I burnt myself out taking on too many assignments that didn’t align with my own interests. The quality of my writing suffered and I didn’t enjoy it anymore. I remember sitting in a coffeeshop writing an article called “Celebrities Who Were Shamed for Working Out While Pregnant,” and about halfway through, I stopped and decided I was done. I finished out the contracts I had and pulled the plug on most of my other client relationships. I took a break from writing professionally. Updating this site, which started because of my love for sharing stories, fell on the back burner.

Of course I didn’t stop writing— I could never stop. I’ve always done this. I just turned inward and focused on writing for myself, which is why I started in the first place. I journaled. I experimented with poetry. And I read a lot for inspiration. I think language is beautiful, and although it falls short of absolute expression (because how can we ever totally communicate such a vast expanse of feeling?), it has always been my chosen art form, and I’ve decided to publish my thoughts on a public platform, again.

This time, I’m going about it a bit different. Instead of linking back to other platforms, everything will be streamlined here in blog format. It’ll be less formal, less PC and hopefully, more fun and relatable.

I toyed with the idea of removing the previously published posts as a lot of them do not reflect my current interests or the nature of this blog, but ultimately decided against it, because this, like myself and other areas of my life, is (and will always be) a work in progress. More importantly, I think it’s important to embrace the past instead of erase it.

Moving forward, I plan to utilize this blog to cover topics that interest me: continued personal growth, travel, dating, relationships, goal setting and achievement, living with a positive mindset, spirituality, schools of thought, health and wellness.

I want to be the best version of myself and have found genuine connection in sharing my experiences of growth in the past. I hope to find more of that in doing so here. A few things have changed since I’ve last logged off:

  1. I made the decision to take a pay cut and leave a job I’d previously been 100% committed to because of its ill effects on my mental, physical and social health. I was exhausted, sick and a shell of myself while in that position, and although it was scary to take a step back because I believed for so long that I had to be successful at it, it was ultimately for the best. In future posts, I’ll talk about why a high-paying job doesn’t always translate to a happier life.
  2. As part of my health/fitness journey, I began to practice IF, intermittent fasting, on a daily basis. I do 16:8s, which means I fast for 16 hours a day (usually from 8pm until 12pm) and eat in an eight-hour window. I’ve also challenged myself to do one full 24 hour fast per week since 2019 began. There’s tons of health benefits to IF, including increased metabolism and mental clarity, and I’ve seen amazing results since adopting the practice. I want to share my experience with the hope that some of you will try IF for your own health.
  3. I started writing book #3, a narrative of nearly a decade under the influence working in sports bars and nightclubs and for VIP clients. So far, writing the memoir has been fun and freeing and at times painful, but I feel that speaking my truth, rather than being embarrassed or ashamed by it, is an important step in loving and accepting myself. I also want to share my story because I’m still so involved in the bartending community and think it’s important to talk about the substance abuse that runs rampant in my industry.
  4. I began to practice minimalism. It started as a monthly challenge by the Minimalists, but once I recognized how freeing it was to practice nonattachment to things, it became part of my lifestyle. One of my ongoing daily goals is still to reduce and create more than I consume, and it’s also made it easier to share what I have with others (in an attempt to not keep everything to myself) and I’ve found in doing so, more abundance seems to flow to me. This is also a lesson in the Tao Te Ching, which brings me to my next point.
  5. I study and do my best to embody the Tao in my daily life. My morning routine begins with coffee and one of the 82 verses of the Tao, an ancient book of eastern philosophy which roughly translates to “the book of the way.” Taoism is not a religion but more of a lifestyle that is largely concerned with compassion, non attachment and trust in God/Tao/universe to allow life to unfold without trying to make it the way we think it should be. It’s about finding flow and balance. It’s about seeing that everything is already perfect. It is possibly the most important book I’ve ever read that has made a profound impact on my life. I’d like to cover more of it in depth with the hope that someone else might find comfort in it, too.

Another area of my self-work is living free of judgement (there will be a post about this, too!) and part of that concerns judgement of myself and my own creative process. That said, I’m going to do my best to share my honest thoughts about these subjects (and others like them) and I hope for genuine engagement with anyone who finds something valuable here.

At the end of the day, we all seek human connection and I think the best way to find that is through genuine engagement with people who are trying to be their own best versions. We all always are, whether we know it or not.

2019 has been good to me so far. I hope to connect with ya’ll more in the coming months.