A successful brand isn’t developed by throwing a product or service in the air, letting the pieces fall where they may and hoping for the best. Rather, brands that are built to last begin with a mission statement that identifies what the brand is and what it aims to do. It is the philosophy behind the company and serves as a foundation for business decisions.

Whether you’re a photographer, model, stylist or another creative self-starter, the sooner you develop your mission for your personal brand, the better. A mission statement helps you avoid the “um, uhs,” when someone asks what kind of work you do. It transforms you in the eyes of others from an ameteur to a professional. When published on your website or portfolio, it also helps to attract or convince new clients that you are the talent they need.

At the very least, your mission statement should be a sentence or two defining what your niche is, what you do and why you do it. If you work out of a specific area, it should include your regional limits, too.

Your mission doesn’t have to be jammed up with big words to make you sound smarter than you are. The simpler and easier to understand your statement is, the better.

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