If you’re anything like me, you have a list of side projects you’d like to work on. Maybe you’ve found the time to get started on a few, or perhaps you’re just keeping an endless “idea” note on your iPhone. A few items from my side project list looks like this:

  • project: grow instagram account for new poetry book, in here, out there, utilizing a felt and plastic store sign and a polaroid camera,
  • completion rate: wrote book of poems, purchased sign and camera, have yet to actually create instagram account
  • project: develop cocktail bitters/mixers line with best friends/colleagues Brett and Ryan, utilizing spice mixtures for modern spins on classic flavors, made by bartenders for bartenders
  • completion rate: got lunch with Brett and Ryan to talk about project, came up with flagship flavors, texted the name of the line to our group chat after Ryan came up with it while intoxicated at 3am, have yet to actually make bitters
  • project: develop cocktail blog highlighting drink trends and new/innovative restaurants and cocktail bars
  • completion rate: wrote “develop cocktail blog highlighting drink trends and new/innovative restaurants and cocktail bars” in “notes” on iPhone

While I’ve found the time and resources to move some of my projects from the “to-do” list to the “completed” list (book of self-deprecating but hilarious short stories, mobile cocktail club for weddings/events), it seems my list of ideas is forever growing. When I have an idea that causes excitement to swell within me, of course I want to get it done. The purpose of side projects is the joy we get from engaging them (and, okay, maybe the extra income doesn’t hurt, either). That said, there shouldn’t be anything to stop us when we really want to do something. Developing and completing side projects helps to build our professional confidence, too.

With so many good ideas floating around and the potential to do anything, it can be hard to pinpoint a target area to get started. I’ve developed this worksheet to help organize the process of bringing an idea to life.

You can read the full article and see my worksheet on TheHHub.com.