Look at Banksy. Look at Warhol. Look at Kendrick Lamar. Look at the Wachowski
siblings. All of them have one thing they did and one message they conveyed extrordinarily well. I’ve thought about niche branding in relation to my own presence on social media. I’m a writer with a focus on self improvement and personal growth, and a lot of the content I post is linked to articles and commentary that reflect that. Still, I want my readers to see that I’m not all talk and that I practice what I preach, so I also post lifestyle content that showcases the benefits of living with a positive attitude. I want to enjoy myself and inspire others to enjoy themselves, too, so (I think) I’ve figured out a way to share that aspect of my personality while still keeping the emphasis on my work. If I have a bad day, I’m not going to turn to my Instagram account and post a rant about an argument I had with my best friend.

Being able to keep the focus on your brand as a creator (and choosing not to publish
content that strays from that) is the golden rule of keeping a professional attitude on social media. It’s simple. Figure out what you want to say through your art and your life and say it. When you’re tempted to get off-topic and share something that doesn’t reflect your values as an individual and as an artist, don’t post it. Of course we’re all multifaceted with emotions that vary from day by day. But we all have problems. Your friends and supporters don’t need to hear about yours.

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