We live in a time in which technology makes it possible to call a family member across the world, fly across the country in a few hours, and see what our friends are up simply by opening an internet browser. And yet it seems like we have less time and more to complain about than ever.

Why does it seem like everyone struggles to find fulfillment in a world in which so much information and so many options to do anything are available to us?

It has a lot to do with where place our focus. We can’t even drive down the highway without seeing billboards that scream for our attention. The media, commercials, internet ads and the people around us have an agenda, and it’s hard to make out our own thoughts between the static. If we don’t give ourselves the space to develop habits that will allow us to form our own opinions, set our own goals, and use our own voices, we’ll end up feeling drained and unfulfilled.

So what is there to be done about it?

A couple things. It starts with mindfulness. Read the full post on Medium.